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Costs of the Most Common HVAC Emergencies


Many Georgia residents and homeowners fall short when it comes to saving money for HVAC emergencies. 1 in every 4 American households does not have the savings available to pay for the costs of emergency HVAC repair, according to a recent report. The problem with an emergency is that you have no idea of when it might occur. No one wants to be without air conditioning or heating. Learn more about common HVAC emergencies and associated emergencies.

What HVAC Emergencies Are Common?

The HomeServe Biannual State of the Home survey reports the HVAC home emergencies to be among the top 5 most common home emergencies that can happen to homeowners. The top HVAC problem according to the survey is: A faulty heating or air conditioning system is a good 20% of the most common home emergencies for homeowners.

Even those that do have a small nest egg of savings, more than half have only $1,000 or less on hand to get the repairs necessary to have their HVAC system back up and running quickly. Who wants to come home, looking forward to some cool air, to find out that all of a sudden their HVAC system is not working as expected? What could be the problem with your HVAC system? The U.S. Department of Energy shared that the most common air conditioner problems in American homes are:

  • Improper drainage
  • Sensor problems
  • Electric control failure 
  • Refrigerant leaks

Inadequate maintenance and faulty installation can result in these common issues and more. However, what is to be done when the air conditioning system or heating unit of a HVAC system fails to work?

What Costs are Associated with HVAC Emergency Repair?

HVAC emergency repair is not cheap but is necessary. Homeowners that go for discounted repairs may find themselves with additional problems soon after.

Homeowners should be prepared to pay on average:

  • $315 to repair an AC unit
  • $182 to repair a swamp cooler
  • $165 to install a thermostat 
  • $192 to repair a thermostat
  • $268 to repair a furnace

Other sources quote repair ranges of $200-$1,500 for refrigerant leak repair, $100-$590 for circuit control boards, and $75-$250 for a condensate drain line flush.

Do you have another type of heating and cooling issue that needs attention? 

National averages on common projects are available here where homeowners can also view costs in their location. Remember that technicians need to rearrange their schedule to make an emergency visit, so costs in your area and with Georgia HVAC technicians may be higher or lower than the national average.

Regular maintenance of a HVAC system helps decrease chances of an emergency and allows homeowners to make smaller adjustments to enjoy continued use of the system, improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. Sometimes emergencies happen with the most responsible of homeowners. Hammond Services can help. Trust a Hammond Services specialist to handle your HVAC emergency quickly and efficiently. Contact a Hammond Services associate to schedule your appointment today.


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