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The Hammond Services Golf Team
Hammond Services entered a golf team in the Griffin/Spalding Chamber Annual Golf Tournament held at Sun City on April 18, 2011. Defending champions David Hammond, Dave Lohnes, Bill Ward, and Kirk Nixon shot a score of 18 under par to place second. Competition was very tough with a winning score of 21 under par. Congratulations to the Canongate Team members Will Morgan, Jesse Koorse, Brett Upson, and Jimbo Murray.
This was the second year for the Chamber Golf Tournament and it looks like it’s going to get bigger and better each year.

The Shining Moment Employee for November 2010 is Keith Steger
Congratulations to Keith Steger for being the November 2010 Shining Moment Award winner!!   
This was written about Keith:

“Hammond employee, Mark Head, has a grandson that was having a crisis at school.  The grandson had a report due and had not been able to gather any information for his project due on the Civil War.  It was Mark’s birthday and he wanted his grandson to be able to spend his birthday dinner with him, but his grandson could not because he had to get his report done.  He was crying and upset because he was not going to be able to go to dinner.  When the grandson called Mark to explain why he could not come, Mark told him to come on anyway because he had a friend who knew all about the civil war.  Mark called Keith.  Keith and, his wife, Sharon were more than helpful.  They prepared a box of items that were fascinating and left them for Mark’s grandson.  He saved the day and helped Mark’s grandson make an ‘A’ on the project.  That’s what friends do!”

The Shining Moment Employee for October 2010 is James Smith

Congratulations to James Smith for being the October 2010 Shining Moment Award winner!!   James is one of our HVAC technicians and has been an employee at Hammond Services for over four years.

Below are comments that two of our customers called to say about James:
Mrs. Martha Chapman wanted to express her appreciation for a “job well done” and let us know that “James was very thorough, knowledgeable of her system and nice to work with!”

Mrs. Carol Anderson called to say “what a nice man James is and that any company should be proud to have an employee like him working for them!”  She had nothing but praise for him!

June 2010 Yard Sign Contest Winner

Hammond Services - Griffin, GA - Electrical Congratulations to Mr. Edward Casey, of Milner!!  He is our June 2010 Yard Sign Contest winner!  Mr. Casey has been a Hammond Services customer since 2001.
When Mr. Casey was presented his check for $100, he couldn’t have been a more proud customer!  Some of his quotes were:
“I am a VERY happy and long time customer!  All the personnel, in the office and techs, are very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.  If I have a question someone can’t answer they find out for me!  I have my heating and air maintained seasonally and have used Hammond’s for electrical and plumbing issues as well.  My next project is the bathroom!

The Shining Moment Employee for September 2010 is Mike English
Congratulations to Mike English for being the September 2010 Shining Moment award winner.  Even though Mike has only been employed a short time, he is well liked by his fellow employees.  Below is a comment that came from our HVAC Installation Supervisor, Mark Head:
“An employee that was on a job site cut his hand and had to get stitches and was unable to return to work.  Mike volunteered to help.  He stayed long after quitting time just so he could get the job finished!”
Way to go, Mike!

The Shining Moment Employee for August 2010 is Brian Yearta
Congratulations to Brian Yearta for being the August 2010 Shining Moment Award winner!!   Brian is one of our HVAC technicians and has been an employee at Hammond Services for over four years.

Below are comments submitted by David Hammond:

“On Saturday, August 28 2010, Brian was sent on a call to a customer in Newnan.  We had just installed a new Infinity furnace and 3-zone Infinity zoning system the day before.  The customer called Saturday morning to say the AC was not working and also that his security system was no longer working.  After several hours of investigating, it was discovered that the zones sensors and the dampers were mismatched.  This was causing one zone to never shut off and the others to never come on.  Brian finally figured this out and fixed it.  Brian did not stop there, even though I had already told him we would need to tell the customer to get his security alarm company out there to fix that problem.  Brian stayed and persisted until he also fixed this problem, thus avoiding us to incur additional charges from the alarm company.  That’s going above and beyond expectations!  Atta boy, Brian!!!
David Hammond and the employee’s at Hammond’s want to say a big “Thank-you” to Brian and his wife, Lynn, for being gracious enough to volunteer to host a company cook out.  Everyone who attended had a great time!  Brian is always very positive and thinking of ways to help make Hammond Services a better place to work and builds better teamwork and morale.”

The Shining Moment Employees for July 2010 are Hilton Brown and Keith Steger
The July 2010 Shining Moment Award goes to Hilton Brown and Keith Steger.  Hilton and Keith are HVAC Installers.

July 2010 Yard Sign Contest Winner

Griffin, GA - Plumbing - Hammond Services  Congratulations to Greg and Rachel Matti, of Griffin!!  They are the July 2010 sign contest winners!
When Mrs. Matti was presented her check for $100, she had wonderful things to say about her experience with Hammond Services.  Some of her quotes are as follows:
“Our tech, Eric, was very nice and professional and he did a great job!  This was our first time using Hammond Services and we had a very good experience.”
Mr. and Mrs. Matti also became Service Agreement Customers, which allows them to get discounted rates!

Another Happy Customer
Happy customer, Laurie Cochran, sent us this email:

Sewer Service - Griffin, GA - Hammond Services  “I happened to look out the window a few minutes ago, and my youngest, Rosie, was holding your sign up for all passers-by to see. Your crew did a wonderful job, and our house is so comfortable!  Many thanks to all of you for outstanding professionalism!

Hammond Services is recognized nationally as “Contractor of the Month”

David Hammond and his employees at Hammond Services are recognized nationally as “Contractor of the Month” by
National Comfort Institute. 
NCI is the leader in HVAC diagnostics for both air flow and combustion related topics. They provide training, equipment and consultation to HVAC contractors around the world so they can provide more comfortable and energy efficient homes and offices.

Air Conditioning Contractor - Hammond Services - Griffin, GA - David Hammond “Do the right thing.” David Hammond will readily tell you that those four simple words are the solid foundation the success of his company is built on. “Anyone can say it, but not everyone does it”, David says. He goes on to explain that his primary job as President is to make sure the company lives those words every day. That’s only one of the reasons that Hammond Services in Griffin, Georgia is the August NCI Member of the Month.
Hammond’s has served the southern metro area of Atlanta for over 30 years. Founded by David’s father in 1979, the company focuses exclusively on service, add-on, and retrofit sales. The company is primarily involved in HVAC work, but offers plumbing and electrical services as well. After graduating from college with a degree in civil engineering, David worked for a large national company for several years before joining the family business in 1994. He has been President of Hammond’s since 2003 and under his leadership the company has grown to nearly 40 employees. David’s philosophy is that offering the customer the very best value for their dollar is critical. “We are constantly striving to be better as a company”, he says, “and we’re always looking to learn new and better ways to do things.”

Last April he discovered one of those new things when he attended the NCI Summit in Jacksonville. According to David, “I attended the pre-Summit training session with Rob Falke, and noticed that the other people in the session were pretty sharp. And somewhere in the middle of that training the light dawned.” He could see that the NCI air testing and diagnostic methods delivered the missing pieces to the puzzle of how to really separate his company from the competition, as well as increase revenues and profit.

In May David and his operations manager, Wayne Hughes attended the NCI Fast-Track Implementation class, and the entire picture came into clear view. By June David brought in onsite training for his staff to get everyone up to speed on the new processes. At first a few of the technicians and installers were a little hesitant about some of the changes. But it didn’t take long until they began to see the benefits in the systems they were servicing and installing, like reduced static pressures, increased airflow, and higher customer satisfaction. Like David, they were impressed and excited by how some relatively minor changes in what they were already doing could have such a major impact. In fact, David was so excited that he decided to take the balancing hood and go back into the field himself. He enjoys doing the follow-up testing and diagnostics whenever a CoolMaxx report indicates a need for system improvement. In one week he sold over $14,000 in duct renovations and has been averaging between 50-70% gross margins.

“NCI is the best thing that’s happened since we started the business”, David states without hesitation. “Now we know exactly where we’re headed in the future … air diagnostics.” And in the 6 weeks or so since Hammond’s implemented the new processes, he believes they have already recouped the cost of attending the Summit, implementation training, the onsite training, as well as the cost of new tools and instruments. He has already scheduled additional onsite training in August for carbon monoxide and combustion diagnostics and testing.

One last thing that David wanted to stress is that support for change like this has to come from the owner of the company. He emphasized, “The owner needs to be the primary champion if these changes are going to work and if you expect buy-in
from your employees.”
Dedicated NCI members like Hammond Services are what help keep our industry strong and vibrant! So for all they do, join us in congratulating David and the great team at Hammond’s as our Member of the Month.


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