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All homeowners and businesses are interested in saving money on energy costs and rising energy costs make it more important than ever. At Hammond Services, we are a family owned company and we understand that families need to reduce energy costs. There are some easy ways you can reduce energy consumption for the benefit of your budget and the environment. 
  • Your home heating and cooling equipment should be well maintained, including keeping the filters clean, since dirty filters cause the system to work harder. 
  • Turn up your thermostat to use less energy, while keeping your home cool and comfortable. The ideal temperature is 78 degrees and every degree under 78 will add about eight percent to your energy costs. 
  • In addition to increasing the temperature, use fans sparingly in the kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Window shades help to block heat and UV light, which can keep your energy costs down and keep your furniture from fading. 
  • You can save money in every season by keeping your home closed up and stop drafts to prevent heat and air conditioning from leaking out. 
  • Another way to save money is to use appliances, such as the dishwasher and washing machine at night when it is cooler outside. 

Regular maintenance and repairing problems with your system will keep it operating efficiently and reduce energy consumption. We offer service plans to help you reduce energy costs and maintain your system. The plans include biannual inspections and scheduled maintenance, so our technicians can prevent problems and fix issues before the problem gets bigger. For more information about our services, please call Hammond Services today at 770-227-5325 or 888-702-4995. 



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