McDonough, GA

Common Plumbing Problems in McDonough GA and their Solutions

One of the most common household issues that we all face every now and then is of a faulty or leaking water line. While it is understandable that constant water flow itself is the main reason that this type of problem develops, the expertise and experience of the person who installs and repairs the water system also matters a lot.

Hammond services are a well known company with relevant experience in all kinds of plumbing, heating, air conditioning and related jobs. However, their experts also agree that everyone must be able to identify common problems so that they know when to call in the professionals.

Problem Identification Tips by Expert Plumbers in McDonough, GA

Here is a list of problems that may develop in your home and how to identify them:

Toilet Issues – If your toilets are too noisy and you can hear abnormal sounds after flushing, then the reason may be a damage filled valve. If you detect continuous running water in the toiler, it may indicate a defective flapper. Similarly, foul odor despite cleaning means one of the pipes might be burst.

Shower Issues – If you experience limited water flow from your shower valve, you must get it cleaned, as that indicates too much accumulation of mineral deposits in the shower head. If the shower is leaking constantly, it is best to get it professionally checked and have a professional complete any repairs or replacements that are necessary. If the water temperature in the shower fluctuates suddenly, it may be because of accumulation of sediment in water heaters.

Kitchen Issues – Most people complain about low water pressure in kitchen taps, especially when someone is using another tap or shower. This can be due to a damaged aerator or defective installation of pipes and sinks. Also, kitchen sinks clog more often than bathrooms and showers. This is because grease and debris accumulate there more quickly.

Being able to identify the problem is important, but it is best to leave the repairs to the experts. Other than repairing burst pipes, leaks and flooding, Hammond also offers a complete range of water heater, water system and air conditioning servicing in McDonough and other major cities in Georgia.