Septic Tank Pumping

No one wants to experience septic tank issues. Foul smells, slow drains, backed up toilets, sinks and tubs are just a few of the signs that your septic tank may need to be pumped. 

Hammond Services now offers Full Service Septic Tank Pumping

Available 24 hours a day*

Licensed and insured! We are equipped to handle all your Septic Tank Pumping. We're also a full service plumbing company and fully equipped to handle any related issues. No need to call another company because we handle it all! 

Septic Tank Pumping

  • Dig to expose tank lid
  • Pump tank up to 1500 gallons
  • Remove sludge (solids)
  • Inspect tank to make sure it is working properly 
  • Clean line to house (extra fee) 

Complete Pumping & Inspection: Best Option

  • Uncover and pump septic tank
  • Check toilets are flushing properly 
  • Inspect for leaks 
  • Check drain fields are working 
  • Check for back ups 
  • Inspect components

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EXPIRES: 12/31/18