Air Conditioning Repair Newnan

When your air conditioner or cooling system goes out and you need air conditioning repair in Newnan, Georgia, you worry about everything that comes along with it: time, scheduling, cost, property damage, and just general hassle.  To avoid all those issues, place your trust in the hands of the HVAC specialists at Hammond Services, and a tech will arrive at your Newnan home quickly for a service call.

We know it can be frustrating when your air conditioning system breaks down in Newnan. That’s why here at Hammond, we promise our customers fast, professional, and cost-effective service. Our technicians’ knowledge, extensive experience, and dedication minimize the inconvenience you might otherwise experience. No waiting around in a stuffy, sweltering hot house – we will get your system back on track ASAP.

Speedy Air Conditioning Repair

Whether you’re experiencing fluctuating temperatures, smells, or weird noises, it’s best to handle them quickly. Sure, your equipment could still be running, but these minor issues have a tendency to escalate, eventually compromising other components. What does that mean to you? Well, what starts out as a minor, inexpensive repair could turn into total system failure.

Plus, if your cooling system is no longer running smoothly, it’s costing you more money than it should. When dust, dirt, and other debris start accumulating in your system, it clogs up various components, and restricts the airflow. An ailing air conditioner works overtime only to put out a weak stream of barely-cool air. The excess strain on the unit wears components out faster while consuming a lot more energy to boot. You’ll notice higher utility bills without having much to show for it, and you’ll be slowly killing your HVAC system.

Looking for Air Conditioning Repair Experts in Newnan, Georgia?

Look no further! All the Hammond Services technicians have been certified by the NCI, ensuring they know how to properly test cooling equipment, identify problems, recommend appropriate repair options, and perform accurate repairs.

We’re also a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, a designation that can only be earned through ethical business practices, superb customer service, and superior technical expertise.