The team at Hammond Services is proud to participate in National Autism Month. The Autism Society launched this nationwide effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all so that each person affected could have a higher quality of life.

To support this effort Hammond Services will be giving $50 with every new HVAC system, $25 for every new water heater, and $5 for every new Preventative Maintenance Agreement to Autism Speaks for the entire month of April. Autism Speaks uses fundraising money to focus on accelerating a spectrum of solutions for those affected by Autism.

Autism is a subject that comes close to home for the Hammond family. Daniel, David Hammond’s sonhas Smith Magenis Syndrome which is a complex developmental disorder that affects multiple organ systems of the body and falls under the Autism spectrum. Daniel recently celebrated his 28th birthday with his family and his favorite desserts!

We encourage everyone to get involved this month! Learn more about Autism.  Chances are you know someone who is affected. There are many ways to get involved from supporting local events, to sharing your personal story to something as simple as signing up for the Autism Society’s newsletter.

And don’t forget now is a great time to look into a new HVAC unit, water heater or PMA agreement from Hammond Services. During the month of April, we’re excited to partner with our customers and give back to the Autism Speaks charity