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3 Commonly Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Home’s Electrical System

Technician working on electrical panel

Improving your home’s electrical system can help you save money on electricity, protect sensitive electronics, prevent fires, and much more. It’s a good investment for almost any homeowner to make. Unfortunately, many homeowners focus on big picture ideas and forget some of the simpler concepts that offer big benefits to homeowners for a little additional effort.

1) Upgrade To 200 Amps

If you live in an older home or one that hasn’t had its electrical system updated in the past two or three decades, your home may be a 60-amp home. When these homes were built, 60 amps was adequate. Today, it’s not nearly enough to power all the things the average families run on a daily basis.

Things like home computers, much less multiple home computers, LCD televisions, and central air conditioning weren’t even on the radar at the time. Today, these things are the norm in most households. This means we require more power today than in years gone by.

2) Upgrade Your Panel

It is important to make sure your panel is up to the challenge your family throws its way each and every day. This is also one electrical upgrade that most states require a qualified electrician perform.

This is where energy comes into your home from your electricity provider. Mistakes here can place the safety of your family and your home at risk.

Why is it necessary to replace your panel? Outdated panels can cause a wide range of problems from melting electrical wires, failing to trip, constantly tripping, blown fuses, flickering lights, electrical shocks, and fire.

3) Adding New Outlets

It seems so simple and yet is commonly overlooked. In fact, think about all the places you wish you had an outlet and consider this the perfect time to add them. Most people have wished to have outlets at the heights of their desks or entertainment centers. Few homeowners actually add them, though.

Another place to consider adding outlets, especially in homes with open floor plans where everything isn’t located near a wall, is in the floors of the home. This means lamps, and desks can be placed in locations that are more convenient without crisscrossing the floor with extension cords that present tripping hazards.

These small changes may not seem like big deals, but the fact that they are so often overlooked and add so many benefits makes them just that. Reach out to us to learn how we can help you improve the convenience and capacity of your home’s electrical system.