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Don’t Let April Showers Increase the Moisture Level in Your Home

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Unfortunately, when moisture levels are high outside because of heavy amounts of precipitation, it reflects on the inside of your home. Excess moisture in your home’s air can leave your home feeling muggy and warm. Not to mention, the moist air has the potential to wreak havoc on you and your family’s health.

Dangers Of Moisture

Moisture in your home can lead to a great deal of health concerns, especially respiratory problems. You and your family may suffer from breathing difficulty, wheezing and inflamed sinuses as well as nasal congestion or a runny nose. Studies indicate there may be a link between developing asthma or worsening of asthma symptoms as a result of moisture. Respiratory infections and bronchitis appear to be more prevalent in homes with excessive moisture.

Just being damp isn’t the only reason for the health concerns of a moist house. The wetness is a breeding ground for mold. Although most people won’t get sick, it becomes a danger for those who have mold allergies or who are immune compromised. Plus, it’s unsightly and difficult to get rid of once it begins forming.

Besides mold, dampness also breeds bacteria. Bacteria are responsible for a variety of different infections. Infections can be quite serious in anyone, but, in particular, in young children, those with asthma or other similar conditions, and in the elderly.

Pests are more common in homes with moisture. Dust mites like high humidity as well. That’s why it’s best to keep your home below a 50-percent humidity level. Dust mites and pests both trigger allergens, especially in asthmatics.

What Can Help

In order to maintain a low moisture level, you must have some type of dehumidification implemented. Most portable dehumidifiers just aren’t enough to really keep the humidity levels in your home at bay. Heating and cooling units have the capability to dehumidify your home. A heat pump is an excellent option to do just that. Having a cost-efficient and energy-saving heat pump installed allows your home to stay comfortable all year round. It has the potential to heat and cool your home evenly, and it even has a feature to reduce the moisture in your home.

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