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How Important is Proper Home Plumbing Maintenance?

Technician working on under-sink plumbing

Water is a mighty force of nature. The Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon out of rock over the course of the last five million years, while a tsunami can destroy a city in a matter of moments. When applied to your home, clean flowing water is an important source of life, but it must be kept in its place. Regular home plumbing maintenance can prevent water damage and save you thousands in repair costs.

Common (And Preventable) Causes Of Water Damage

Traveler’s Insurance investigated its homeowners’ claims and once they excluded natural disasters, found that water damage accounted for 28 percent of its property claims compared to just 3 percent for fires. Some of the most common causes were leaky washing machine hoses, faulty plumbing, and clogged drain lines on air conditioning units. Water can leak from cracked hoses or behind appliances without the telltale dripping sounds of a leaky faucet. Often a water leak can go undetected for a long period of time causing significant structural damage to your home in the process.

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Prevents Water Damage

The best way to prevent water damage is to be proactive rather than reactive. A planned maintenance agreement (PMA) with a trusted mechanical company can provide peace of mind. With a PMA, you get a set number of visits each year in which a professional technician comes to your home and proactively searches for common sources of trouble. He or she can easily spot a ready-to-rupture washing machine hose, check for leaks behind the dishwasher, test your sump pump, and clear HVAC drains. Additionally, a PMA often offers priority and emergency service at a discount.

Hammond Services: Your Trusted Partner In Home Plumbing Maintenance

At Hammond Services, we understand that your home represents a significant financial investment for you and your family. We are ready with emergency services should the need arise but are also your partners in active home plumbing maintenance. Our Home Care Plan includes three scheduled visits a year. One of our professionals will check 45+ potential problem areas in your home and recommend any necessary repairs or replacement parts for your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Our Home Care Plan customers receive priority customer service, a 15 percent discount on repairs, and a lifetime parts and labor warranty on our services.

To discuss our Home Care Plan further, contact us today.