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What to Expect During a Maintenance Service Visit

Carrier AC Unit

If you’re like most homeowners, you know that your HVAC contractor recommends that you have your cooling system serviced at the start of the warmer seasons. However, you may be rather vague as to what that service call will actually entail.

Making sure to schedule that service call offers a number of benefits. It helps to extend the life of your system, makes sure that your system is clean and that dust and debris won’t be circulating around your home, and it can help to catch any repair issue before it shuts down your central air system in the sultry middle of summer.

What’s Included In A Cooling System Maintenance Call?

When the HVAC technician visits your home for your annual service call, he or she will do numerous things in a relatively short period of time. Among these are:

  • Cleaning your system. A dirt or debris-filled cooling system is the number one reason that such systems fail.
  • Lubricating moving parts. The technician will also make sure to oil all of the parts that need it.
  • Checking power source. He or she will check to make sure that the electricity flowing to the cooling system is adequate and that everything connected with the power is working properly.
  • Cleaning and replacing the filters, if needed. A clean filter is essential for your central air system to work efficiently and last as long as possible.
  • Inspecting the motor and belts. Lastly, the technician will take a look at the motor and the belts to make sure that they are in good repair and likely to last through the warm weather season.
  • Giving your system a visual inspection. A trained HVAC technician knows what signs of trouble with your cooling system to look for. These can include rust or corrosion, standing water in your drip pans and water stains on the equipment. Catching a problem at the beginning of the season can save you costly repairs later on.

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