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What Type of HVAC System Should I Use for My Newnan, GA Home Addition?

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Home additions, while needed, can often be stressful for several reasons such as cost or future planning. Whatever the case, it is important to consider all of the options for your house, and this includes HVAC options. While it seems like it may be simpler and cheaper to use the same unit that already controls the temperature in your house, but that is not always true. In fact, because of certain situations such as outdated HVAC units, ungainly fixtures, and costly expansion of ducts or pipes, it is often a much better option in terms of maximizing space and overall frugality to put in a new unit.

If you think this sounds like it applies to your situation, then we have some options for you. There are two fairly new developments in the realm of HVAC units that are excellent choices for individual rooms or additions to homes: radiant floor heating and air-source heat pumps.

Radiant Floor Heating In Newnan

Radiant floor heating is a great source of efficient, even heat that comes from the floor of the room itself, as the name implies. Surely you’ve heard that heat rises, which means that the heat rising from floor-level heights result in the whole room reaching a consistent heat as compared to vents in different locations that spread it in different directions. Floor heating is also a good way to knock down some of those winter heating bills as it is more cost efficient than its contemporaries. The lack of vents also causes a lack of dust, which results in an advantage for those with allergies, and it has no need for noisy radiators. The whole system works with a series of either hydronic or electric panels. Hydronic panels are more expensive to install but have a cheaper upkeep fee. Most people go with electric panels for small additions.

The type of flooring material should be considered, too. People with wood floors should exercise caution because it could warp. The other flaw in this option is that is has no cooling option, so one would have to plan for a separate option for cooling.


Luckily, the second option works with both heating and cooling. Air-source heat pumps are not exactly new technology, but they have been made better due to recent renovations. While pumps formerly became obsolete in colder climates, they have now adapted to become valid options in even the most frigid environments (good news for those cold-nature penguins). These pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat in and out of a house without the use of ducts and are also a cheaper option than most traditional options.

Renovations to your home are often necessary, and we’re here to make the process of heating and cooling your new space as painless as possible. The best thing to do when going over your HVAC options is to choose the one for your needs and budget. For all of your HVAC needs in Newnan, GA, or anywhere across the Atlanta metro area, contact Hammond Services today!