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Causes and Solutions for an Electrical Bill That's Through the Roof

Summer time usually means higher than usual electric bills. While higher temperatures can account for some of the increase, what should you do if you find your electric bill soaring uncontrollably? We have some possible causes for you to investigate as well as some steps you can take toward solving the problem.

Your Electronics Don’t Go To Bed

Our electronic gadgets are responsible for large portions of our electric bill. Computer systems with monitors are particularly large consumers of electricity.  Check your system’s settings and ensure that it is set to go to sleep after 20-30 minutes without use. A sleep setting uses far less energy while keeping your system conveniently ready to use.

You Are Using Too Much Hot Water

Heating water takes a tremendous amount of energy. If your teen suddenly has an affinity for 30-minute showers and washing clothes in hot water, you are paying more than you should for the hot water heater to recover and heat a new tank of water. Limit showers to a more reasonable length and wash your clothes with cold water to enjoy significant savings.

It Is Time For Energy Efficient Upgrades

While a high electric bill in and of itself doesn’t justify a new appliance purchase, keep it in mind when choosing new appliances. That 20-year-old refrigerator in the garage might be keeping your sodas just cold enough, but it may not be worth what you pay in increased electric bills each month. As conventional light bulbs burn out, replace them with more energy-efficient CFL or LED lights.

Your A/C System Needs Attention

We all expect higher utility bills during the hottest summer months. However, if you open a bill that is truly out of control, you may have a malfunctioning A/C unit or heat pump. The compressor may not be running or the unit may have a refrigerant leak. Start by inspecting your outside unit for obvious problems – debris clogging the fans, dirt and debris blocking airflow. Then, contact the professionals at Hammond Services to service the unit. The professionals at Hammond will thoroughly inspect your system, provide routine cleaning services, and repair any defects that are causing your electrical use to soar.