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Plumbing Basics Every Homeowner Should Know

Do you know how to fix a running toilet? Can you resolve a dripping faucet without calling your plumber? It doesn’t matter if you are a first time homeowner or if you have owned multiple properties, there are a few plumbing basics that you should know.

Three Plumbing Basics To Learn Today

It is always advisable to leave the large plumbing challenges to a trusted plumber; however, there are a few plumbing DIY basics that you can and should know.

1. Fixing A Running Toilet

A running toilet is not only a nuisance, but it is also a waste of water. Running toilets are most often caused by a high water level or a worn out tank flapper. To adjust the water level, you can simply turn the toilet’s adjustment screw. Next, flush the toilet to see if the problem is resolved. Repeat these steps as necessary to reduce the high water level. If your toilet’s tank flapper is worn out, then you will need to purchase a replacement part. Be sure to turn off the toilet’s water valve and flush the toilet before you install the replacement tank flapper. Once the new tank flapper is installed, you should turn the water on and flush the toilet to make sure that the problem is completely resolved.

2. Resolving A Dripping Faucet

Like a running toilet, a dripping faucet can be quite annoying to homeowners and house guests. One of the easiest ways to fix a dripping faucet is to replace the old washer with a new one. Replacing the washer will require you to first remove the faucet handle cap. Next, use a socket wrench to remove the valve from the faucet. Once you have access to the faucet washer, you should carefully remove the old washer and install a new one. Carefully screw everything back on. Turn the faucet on to make sure that the water flows smoothly without leaking; when you turn the faucet back off the dripping should cease completely.

3. Turning Off Water Mains

If you ever encounter a major water leak, then you will need to turn off the water main(s) to your home. To do so, find the valve that is located near your home’s water meter. If you can’t find the valve, call your utility company to ask if it is buried underground. Switch the valve into the “off” position and immediately call your trusted plumber to resolve your major water leak.

To learn additional plumbing basics, or to resolve large piping issues, contact the trusted team at Hammond Services. Whether you have a major water leak, need pipes replaced, or have a question about a basic plumbing issue, the team at Hammond Services is standing by to help you keep your home’s plumbing system in top shape!