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6 Surprising Ways to Keep Your Home Cool (And Lower Your Electric Bill)

Thermometer reading almost 100 degrees

Air conditioning is a beautiful thing. But did you know that A/C isn’t the only way to keep indoor temperatures down? Check out these six clever ways to stay cool when it’s hot outside — you might just save a few bucks on your electric bill, too.

Cover Windows

Light isn’t the only thing coming in through your windows! Keeping them covered with curtains or blinds can lower indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Not a fan of sitting in the dark? Consider using tinted window films instead, or installing awnings to shade your windows from direct sun. Both options will keep you cool but still let the light in.

Install Ceiling Fans

But just having a fan isn’t enough: Check to make sure that it’s running in the proper direction, too. In the summer, your fans should run counterclockwise to move a cool breeze through the room.

Use Natural Airflow

Ceiling fans or not, you can still make natural airflow work for you. Open windows and doorways to create natural breezeways, especially during the morning and evening when outside temperatures are cooler. If you don’t get good airflow through your home, consider shutting off any rooms that tend to get especially hot. That’ll keep their heated air from circulating throughout the house.

Change Your Bedding

Flannel and fleece may be cozy during the winter, but they’ll magnify summer’s heat. Go for light linen or crisp cotton instead, and consider switching to a buckwheat pillow that doesn’t absorb your body heat as readily as other materials.

Poor Man’s A/C

If you don’t have indoor air conditioning or don’t want to run it, make your own by putting a pan of ice in front of a floor or table fan. Aim at the fan’s airflow right at yourself — don’t set it to oscillate unless you’re trying to cover multiple people — and you’ll be chilled out in no time.

Change Your Landscaping

Here’s a long-term investment that really pays off: Planting trees, vines or other plants that shade east-facing walls in the morning and west-facing walls in the evening can help your home stay significantly cooler, plus cut down on energy costs if you do use your AC (because it won’t need to work as hard).


With all that said, nothing beats a little A/C during the peak of summer heat. Our fully certified HVAC technicians are just one call away for all your HVAC needs.