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Make Sure May Flowers Don’t Affect the Air Quality of Your Home

May flowers are a beautiful sign of spring. However, their pollen and other allergens can wreak havoc on indoor air quality in our homes. Pollen can sneak into our homes every time we open doors or windows, and can even come in on our clothing and shoes.

When that pollen gets trapped in our air ducts, even breathing is difficult for people with allergies, asthma or other breathing problems.

Indoor Air Quality Can Worsen As Outside Temperatures Improve

As anyone who suffers from allergies can attest, warmer springtime weather can make it tough to spend time outside. Unfortunately, those allergy-causing pollen are also in our homes.

If that pollen were just to settle on surfaces inside our homes, it wouldn’t affect us much. Unfortunately, when settled pollen is disturbed again by anything, such as air movement from running our heating or air conditioning units, it becomes active in the air again, making us sneeze and sniffle.

Easy Steps Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Fortunately, some simple tips will help improve the air quality inside your home:

  • Change your heating and air-conditioning system filters every month.
  • Clean your air ducts and ventilation system regularly.
  • Investigate whether upgrading your air conditioning system or adding an air filtration system might help. Air conditioning and filtration systems have been proven to have benefits for respiratory health.

Don’t Suffer Because Of Spring Pollen!

Taking simple actions can help you breathe easier inside your home. Contact us today to learn more about improving the indoor air quality of your home.