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Avoid the Damaging Dry Air of Winter in Your Home

Woman freezing in front of an air conditioner

Winter isn’t always everyone’s favorite time of year due to the coldness and weather conditions that keep people inside. It’s also not a good time for a┬áhome since it can become so dry inside. This affects the wood and other aspects of the home as well of the health of the individuals inside of the home. The home doesn’t have to become dry and stuffy just because it’s closed up, though. Here are some ways you can avoid winter dry air and keep your home fresh and comfortable all season.

1. Humidifier

Strategically place humidifiers in the places you find have the least amount of moisture, such as in your bedroom or living areas.

2. Turn Down the Heat

The reason for most of the dryness in the wintertime is because of the heat running and removing all of the moisture in your home. Turn down the heat just a few degrees, and you’ll see a significant change in the moisture in the air.

3. Use Pots of Water

Fill up pots of water and place them on the radiator, in front of the register and even one on the stove to boil. These pots of water force extra moisture into the air. You may also want to place a container of water in front of windows where a great deal of sun enters.

4. Leave the Dishwasher Open

Instead of putting your dishes on the dry cycle, stop the dishwasher and allow the dishes to air dry. Not only does the steam from the dishwasher enter into the air and reduce the dryness in the home, but it also saves on the electricity to run the cycle. It’s a win-win.

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