Imagine the havoc your home would see from improperly installed sewer or water lines. The water alone could cause a great deal of damage to the structure. Not to mention, the smell of sewage turns your stomach, can make you ill and may keep guests from wanting to come to your home. Here are some signs that there may be a problem with the installation of your water or sewer lines.

  1. Clogs

Generally, you shouldn’t have problems with your system clogging early on. It’s a sign that the pipes were installed at an improper slope. When the pipes slope too much, solid waste doesn’t travel through the pipes properly. A slope that is too steep causes water to travel too quickly to the sewer. The general rule is the slope may only be one-eighth to one-fourth of an inch per each foot of length.

  1. Foul Odor

It’s never a good sign if you’re smelling a foul odor coming from your septic system. This means there’s a leak or another serious issue occurring, even if the smell isn’t frequent or strong. The foul odor tends to smell like rotten eggs as a result of the hydrogen sulfide, which is the gas that emits from the sewer line.

  1. Wet Spots

Wet spots or areas growing moss or ones that are soft and green and surrounded by a dryer area tend to be indicators of a leak underneath the ground. Although the spots may arise several years after a pipe is installed, it’s possible the line was installed improperly.

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