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Signs Your Home's Electrical Wiring May be Going Bad

Outlet in the wall

Although it would be nice for your electrical wiring to stay functioning properly for the entire time you own your home, this isn’t always the case. From continuous use and even external factors, electrical wiring wears out. While it seems like no big deal to be down a plug in your home, oftentimes there may be something more severe happening.

These signs signify a more complicated problem going on behind the scenes that could potentially lead to a fire in your home

1. Sparking

It’s not normal for you to see sparks coming from a plug. It may be the device you’re plugging in, so you’ll need to test it first by plugging it into another outlet. If it doesn’t spark in another outlet, it means something is wrong with the outlet that sparked.<

2. Burning Smell

A burning smell in your home that isn’t associated with overcooking the toast means something is wrong with the wiring. Electronic devices smell like they’re burning when they’re overheating, and the same applies to wiring.

3. Black Around a Plug

If you notice blackness around a plug, something behind your wall is overheating or burning.

4. Frequent Power Outages

High winds affect the electricity, but if you’re experiencing outages without an explanation or frequent tripped circuits or blown fuses, something is definitely wrong. You may want to try switching the setup of the devices you have plugged in a certain spot. You could also request an electrician to install another outlet.

To learn about other warning signs of bad electrical wiring or to schedule a professional to assess your electrical system, contact Hammond Services today.