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Solutions for a Leaky Faucet

Dripping faucet

Homeowners will try anything to save a few bucks on plumbing repair. Many people even believe using duct tape or another home remedy is an effective enough solution because it doesn’t cost much. But more often than not, home remedies don’t do the trick and can end up causing even more problems. Instead of relying on DIY tactics, you should contact a professional if you want the job done correctly the first time.

If you have a leaky faucet at home, here are some things that might be causing it.

1. The Washer

An issue as simple as a bad washer has the potential to cause a leaky faucet. While it seems like an easy fix, for someone with limited knowledge about plumbing, it’s not so simple. The washer may not be the correct size or installed properly.

2. Worn Out Seal

From repeat usage and the accumulation of dirt and debris, the seal may wear out. To fix the leak, the seal needs to be replaced.

3. Problems With the O-Ring

The O-ring consists of a small ring located within a cartridge faucet. Sometimes, the ring becomes loose or wears out and causes the faucet to leak at the handle. Replacing or tightening the ring corrects the problem, but if it’s leaking anywhere else, it helps to hire a professional.

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