Ways to Better Your Home’s Septic Situation

imageYour septic system is a part of your home you usually don’t think about unless there’s a problem. However, you can improve the performance of it before you have to smell that tell-tale odor that signifies something is seriously wrong.

  1. Watch What You Put in it
  2. Stop flushing non-biodegradable materials like tampons, baby wipes, paper towels and cigarette butts. These don’t dissolve like toilet paper does, and they continuously accumulate in your system causing it to slow down. Also, watch how much grease goes down your drain. Grease accumulates along with food particles and begins to clog the drain and will harm the rest of the septic system if it makes it that far. This also slows down the good bacteria in your system that’s breaking down anything that might clog it.

  3. Routine Maintenance
  4. Just because there isn’t a problem doesn’t mean your system doesn’t need to be checked out regularly. Every two to three years, you should have professionals pump your system. This reduces the amount of contaminants throughout your system.

  5. Use Eco-friendly Products
  6. When cleaning, use only eco-friendly products. Concentrated cleaning products will work to keep your system clean, but they clear out everything–including the good bacteria that your system needs to stay running optimally.

To learn more about keeping your septic system working well, contact Hammond Services today!


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