Heating Installation

Professional heating installation should make your unit last fifteen to twenty years. However, if you own an older home, have an oversized heating system, or poorly maintained equipment, you’ll want to think about installing a replacement much sooner.

An older furnace’s average efficiency measures around 80% or less. Looking at the math the other way, twenty percent or more of the energy used to generate heat is wasted. The installation of a new, high-efficiency heating system can stop your dollars from going up in smoke, and eventually save you enough to cover the cost of replacement.

Furnace Size Matters

The most important step in selecting the right heating system for your home is ensuring the unit’s specifications meet the output requirements for your home. Since heat output is measured in BTUs, some people think more is better. But that’s not true. They cost more to buy, and reach set temperatures too quickly, resulting in frequent cycling on and off. This causes a variety of problems, and can even lead to cracks developing in your heat exchanger.

By accounting for the size of your home, and construction materials, the certified technicians from Hammond Services will make sure your system is just right for you.

York Furnaces and Heat Pumps are Difficult to Beat

We should know. We’re a York Authorized Dealer. It’s a distinction earned rather than given, based on exceeding the exceptionally high standards for customer focus, product understanding, and technical expertise. As a result, we carry some of the best heating systems on the market today.

Don’t Risk Your Family’s Comfort This Winter

When you select Hammond Services for your comfort needs, you can count on our extensive product knowledge, and years of practical experience. The team is standing by, ready and waiting to provide you with quick, convenient and professional installation.

Contact us today and speak to a knowledgeable representative about all of the affordable heating installation options available to you.

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