If you have done business with Hammond Services, you have probably been asked to give us a review of your experience. We understand our customers are just as busy as we are, so we try to make the review process as simple as possible. Our reviews only take about 30 seconds and can be done from your mobile phone.

To illustrate the importance of these reviews, we wanted to take a moment to explain how they help us improve our service for you, the customer.

Currently Hammond Services and its marketing team use a software that compiles all reviews into one dashboard. Owners David and Lisa Hammond have access to this dashboard and receive regular emails when customers provide feedback. This allows us to address concerns immediately and to keep a finger on the pulse of our business, so we know exactly how well we’re delivering on our promise to offer the best customer service in the business.

Your reviews allow us to see how we’re doing – from your perspective, and the feedback you provide can help us improve our processes and deliver better service. When you leave us a review, you have the opportunity to let us know what is most important to you, because when you let us into your home we want you to feel confident about the services you’re receiving.

Thank you for choosing Hammond Services and for helping us continue to deliver only the best service to our customers.