Ductless Systems

Mini-split HVAC systems do not require massive structural changes to your home in order to accommodate them. They don’t require you to give up the view and other conveniences a window provides, and they can be made to fit into your space by being suspended through a dropped ceiling or attached flush to a wall.

You only need a single three inch hole through your wall to act as a conduit between the indoor and outdoor unit, which can be installed as much as 50 feet away from the indoor evaporative unit. Below are a few additional benefits ductless systems offer homeowners.

Eliminates Energy Losses via Heating Ducts

Ducts are long and carry the treated air all the way from the heater or central air unit throughout the house. Unfortunately, there are many joints, twists, turns, rises, and drops along the way.

These can cause energy to be lost as the air unit travels to the vents in your home. This means the air you’re paying to heat or cool isn’t always going where you need it. Ductless units heat or cool only the rooms where they are being used, losing no energy in the ducts.

Of course all that is in addition to the initial savings of money and closet space by not installing the ducts in the first place.

Allows Heating and Cooling in Specific Zones

Centralized heating and cooling units are designed to generate a specific temperature throughout your home. Ductless systems only cool or heat the rooms the indoor units are located in. This means everyone can set the unit to their personal desired temperature. It also means you’re not wasting money heating and cooling rooms that no one is using.

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