Humidity Control

Heating and cooling systems can sometimes create issues with the air quality of homes. For example, sometimes heating systems can end up making the air in your home dry, which will then wreak havoc on sinuses, allergies, and more. Air that is drier is going to be less comfortable for your home and your family as well. This is where home humidifiers come in handy.

How Do Humidifiers Work?

Though heating systems can make your home more comfortable with warmer air during the chilly winter months, it can also make the air dry enough to the point that your family is beginning to feel uncomfortable. Humidifiers work quite simply by depositing moisture into the air that has been robbed from your home by the heating system.

Humidifiers work to deposit moisture into the warm air stream that is entering the home. This means that the air that is being introduced into your home is not only going to be warm, it is also going to have efficient moisture into your home or business for maximum comfort. This moisture will not only help your air feel less dry, but will lessen the load on your heating system as lower temperatures feel warmer.

The Importance of Dehumidification

During the summer months some homes might discover their indoor humidity issues have nothing to do with a lack of moisture, as the air indoors begins to feel just as muggy and moist as the air outside. For homeowners that find themselves in this situation, dehumidification is the solution. But how?

Dehumidification refers to the capability that an air conditioner has to properly regulate the level of moisture present in the air circulating throughout your home. By running at lower speeds and BTU capacity, new variable speed air conditioning equipment will keep your home’s humidity level in check and improve the quality of air you breathe.

If your air conditioner is the proper size for your home and your ducts were designed and installed correctly, chances are your system is having no problem keeping indoor humidity under control. However, if your system is struggling with dehumidification, then your comfort and your health may be negatively affected.

How Can Humidity Control Benefit My Home

There are many benefits to maintaining a healthy level of humidity in your home. The first is that during the winter and summer your air is going to be evened out, it will not be too moist in the summer which can lead to lung problems and even ailments, and during the winter it will be moist enough to prevent chapped lips and sore throats. Maintaining a consistent level of humidity in your home will protect your health, your home, will even help curb your energy costs.

By working with the humidity control experts at Hammond Services, your home will always be at the perfect humidity level and your comfort will never be interrupted. If your home’s air is either too humid or not humid enough for comfort, contact us today!

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