Packaged Units

When it comes to replacing a home heating or cooling system it always helps to know a bit about the type of unit you are looking to purchase. One type of system that is very common are packaged units. These units do a number of things; first off, they take care of both heating and cooling in one space-saving system. This is helpful for a wide range of reasons. For starters, packaged units save space. In areas where there is limited space for the footprint of your HVAC unit, a packaged unit is often perfect.

These units are more compact than two separate units and perform the exact same function, making them a great choice for those areas where space is limited. Another benefit to packaged units is that they can save you money. Instead of having to purchase multiple systems, you can get the benefits of both air conditioning and heating in one packaged unit.

Packaged units have the ability to provide both heating and cooling in an efficient and economical way and allow for warmth in the winter and cool and comfortable air in the summer months. Packaged heat pumps can offer efficient heat in the winter and cooling in the summer while packaged air conditioners and furnace combos are also very efficient.

These packaged units also have the ability to save your home energy and lower your overall heating and cooling bill as well. These units are created to be energy efficient so that they can perform at peak efficiency without overworking or adding too much extra cost to your bill.

How do packaged units work?

It depends on the type of packaged unit that you are interested in. A packaged unit with a heat pump works quite simply. During the cool winter months your heat pump will work to extract heat from the outside air and transfer it inside. When the temperature is warm outside, the heat pump will remove the hot air from inside the home and put it outside effectively cooling the house. Because a heat pump moves air in and out it does not cost as much as heat generating systems.

Combined air conditioner and furnace units work similarly. These systems work to move hot air across the cooling coils inside the system during the hot summer months to cool the air inside the home. Your heating system will move the cool air over heating coils and the main components of the heating system which are the burners that deliver fuel, heat exchangers, a blower, and a flue.

You can learn more about your heating and cooling options by contacting the product experts at Hammond Services to learn just why a packaged unit may be right for your home or business.

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