Indoor Air Quality

The air your family breathes is likely filled with mold spores, viruses, dust, dirt, and a host of other allergens and contaminants harmful to your health. So why do you let it slide without treatment?

The cleanliness of the air you breathe is one of the single highest contributors to respiratory health and wellbeing. Contaminated and polluted air poses a serious health risk to those you love, especially infants, the elderly, and anyone suffering from a compromised immune system.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has attributed headaches, rashes, flu-like symptoms, asthma, sinusitis, and a variety of other respiratory issues to poor air quality. While it may be difficult to measure the cleanliness of your indoor air on your own, there is one simple solution: call Hammond Services.

The Health Benefits Are Worth It

Your family will rest easier, breathe better, and enjoy greater productivity and improved quality of life, especially if they suffer from respiratory difficulties or compromised immunity. Your HVAC systems will harbor fewer contaminants, allowing the added bonus of superior airflow and improved energy efficiency.

Key Factors Affecting Your Air Quality

Temperature and humidity control, along with proper ventilation, are all necessary components for fostering a comfortable and healthy indoor space. Unfortunately, today’s modern, carefully sealed homes trap and circulate the same stale, polluted air. Sound like an exaggeration? Well the EPA’s studies have shown the quality of indoor air, on average, is twice as polluted as what is outside.

Air Quality Assessments

The Hammond Services indoor air quality specialists can help you pinpoint the problem, determine what to do about it, and offer options that meet your family’s needs.

We’ll test all the potential sources of pollutants, like stoves, air filters, and aging HVAC systems. Our qualified technicians will make the necessary adjustments, and provide you with additional recommendations for the most efficient and effective solutions to your indoor air problems. With the installation of even one or two of our convenient, simple and affordable solutions, you’ll enjoy reduced contaminants, increased energy efficiency, and significantly improved air quality.

Make the Call

Dust mites, fumes, pollen, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, pet dander, smoke, and a long list of other disgusting particulates could be contaminating your air right now. When we come out, our certified professionals will assist you with all your climate control, comfort, and air quality needs.

Contact Hammond Services today and give your family the gift of healthy, breathable, dramatically improved indoor air quality.

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